Walter White Phone Case

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Walter Hartwell White, better know as the meth Kingpin, Heisenberg is a fictional character from the television drama series Breaking Bad on AMC. Bryan Cranston portrays the infamous Walter White who was once a promising chemist and founder of the multi-billion dollar company Gray Matter Technologies, when Walt decides to sell his share of the company he takes his knowledge of chemistry and becomes a teacher, but its when he learns that he has lung cancer that his life beings to change. In fear of leaving his family penniless Walter turns to Jesse Pinkmen, whom he once taught chemistry too and both of them together forever change the meth drug world in this all-over print Walter White Phone Case design created by artist Technodrome1 to transforms this Kingpin into a vibrant piece of art. Go get yours today!!!

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Standard Quality - Single Sided*
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Premium Quality - Double Sided*
Image printed on pre-made blank garment - front and back 2-4 day manufacturing process plus shipping time

Ultra Premium Quality - Double Sided - Cut & Sew**
Image printed on ultra premium quality fabric, then cut and sewn Image on front and back. No white marks or irregularities 3-6 day manufacturing process plus shipping time

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