Hyperdimensional Butterfly Simple Dress

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If you look closely, you can see light paintings that I created with long exposure photography! I combined these light paintings with photographs I made and then digitally altered of the Salvador Dali Museum. I love soapy bubbles, so I photographed them at a lake in Texas and then put them into Hyperdimensional Butterfly for additional texture - you can see them if you look for the little black and white sections in the artwork! Yes! Those are soapy bubbles lol. Also, if you look really closely, you can see a bridge that I photographed in Canada - it is also hidden in this artwork :) www.facebook.com/AdamBrobjorgArt Instagram @AdamBrobjorg

This product is hand made and made on-demand. Expect delivery to US in 11-20 business days (international 14-30 business days).

Length 35 35.4 35.8 36.2 36.6 37 37.4 37.8 38.2
Width 13.4 14.2 15 15.7 16.5 17.3 18.1 18.9 19.7
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Standard Quality - Single Sided*
Image printed on pre-made blank garment - front only, back is white 2-4 day manufacturing process plus shipping time

Premium Quality - Double Sided*
Image printed on pre-made blank garment - front and back 2-4 day manufacturing process plus shipping time

Ultra Premium Quality - Double Sided - Cut & Sew**
Image printed on ultra premium quality fabric, then cut and sewn Image on front and back. No white marks or irregularities 3-6 day manufacturing process plus shipping time

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*Irregularities underneath the armpits/around the seams are possible due to the process
**Images may not line up perfectly where fabric is sewn together