Exquisite Antique Silver Aromatherapy Necklace Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Bottle Lava Rock Kit

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Brand: ViLu Essentials


  • ✅ Locket / Bottle Combination | Convenience & Versatility. Add your favorite essential oils on the go.
  • ✅ Comes With 2 Lava Rocks | A porous, natural rock is the perfect material to diffuse essential oils.
  • ✅ 1 Set, 3 Styles | Wear either the locket alone, the bottle by itself, or both at the same time.
  • ✅ Adjustable Chain Length | Wear it up high or tuck it underneath your clothing. The choice is yours.
  • ✅ 100% Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee | If for any reason you don't love it, simply send it back.


**Fun & Easy To Use**

Simply fill the bottle with your favorite essential oil and add 2-3 drops to the lava rock to enjoy hours of portable diffusion. Your aromatherapy necklace kit comes with 2 lava rocks to allow you to easily shift from soothing to energetic blends or from daytime to evening appropriate scents.

**Essential Oils On The Go**

Don't let your busy lifestyle prevent you from enjoying the benefits of essential oils throughout the day. Now you can enjoy non-stop around the clock essential oil diffusion no matter where you are.

**Uncompromising Elegance**

Designed with you in mind, your ViLu Essentials aromatherapy necklace brings you the best portable essential oil diffusion in a charming 2-piece aromatherapy necklace set. Easily swap in and out between the locket, the bottle, or, for beauty combined with functionality, wear them both together.

**Lava Rock Diffusion**

Lava stone is naturally full of energy and each bead is completely uniquely formed. Lava's porous formation creates the perfect base for your essential oil scents to last through the day and long into the evening.

**The Perfect Gift**

ViLu Essentials aromatherapy necklaces make incredible gifts. Simply elect to have them gift-wrapped and it comes ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed.

**Easy Cleaning**

The lava stone does not need regular cleaning, although it can be cleaned with warm water and a very gentle odorless soap. The bottle can be cleaned with a quick swill of isopropyl alcohol to be ready for an oil change.

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